Calling all Dance Teachers

We want to create a ‘Dance Where Guide’ and are calling for all dance teachers in Hampshire to let us know where and when their class is so that we can spread the word and give people an easy guide to classes in their local area.

The ‘Dance Where Guide’ will be advertised at the Hampshire Festival of the Mind Launch Event where we will be initiating a FLASHMOB of a simple Egyptian Shabbi cherio.

The FlashMob: will meet on the green at the Cathedral and dance at 12:55pm, following this there will be a walk around the labyrinth art instillation and then the creative workshops begin.  The Festival begins at 10am and includes stalls, workshops, art and key note speaker Professor Paul Crawford.  Not to be missed! :0)

For more about the Festival of the Mind click here

For more about the flashmob, including the cherio video and tutorials, click here

To register your class please complete the quite form below

One of the main points in the festival feedback last year was that people wanted to know about on-going activities, not just the Festival funded ‘one off’ events that took place.  

belly flash mob

Come and join us on the 7th May at Portsmouth Cathedral (old Portsmouth) for The Hampshire Festival of the Mind, weather permitting we will be on the green outside, and let’s show everyone how incredible dance is for our health and our heart with a BellyDance FLASH MOB!!!

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